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Simac Can't Handle Her Own Budget

Kim Simac Can't Handle BudgetIf You Can’t Handle the “Household Budget”, You Have No Business Running for Public Office

The drumbeat of Wisconsin’s GOP is that the state is like a household budget. We can’t keep spending beyond our paycheck. If we have extra money, we must save it for a rainy day. Well, if that is so, then Governor Walker had best provide some serious financial counseling to Kim Simac, the Tea Party GOP candidate challenging incumbent Jim Holperin in the 12th District.

As you may know, Ms Simac and her “swapperoo” husband Arthur P. Simac (otherwise known as “Butch”…and, yes, there is a “Bubba” in there somewhere) own a horse ranch in lovely Eagle River, Wisconsin. Located at 3860 Kula Vista Drive on a vast 22 ½ acres in a busy tourist destination, Ms. Simac runs “The Great Northern Riding Club” and “Equestrian Facility” at She’s so busy with “business” that she can’t even see fit to spend an hour or two debating opposition in front of her constituents. Perhaps Ms. Simac didn’t want to answer tough questions about her personal “fiscal responsibilities”.

You see, just like other Wisconsin homeowners, the Simacs received a bill for their 2010 property taxes. The amount billed was $1,992.45. According to the Vilas County Treasurer’s office, the first half of their taxes was due January 31st with the balance due July 31st. If the homeowner misses the first half payment date, then the whole amount is due and the homeowner loses the option of paying property taxes in January and July “on the installment plan”. The Treasurer’s office even charges a penalty of 1% interest per month on the unpaid balance retroactive to February. All payments are updated nightly on the Vilas County Treasurer’s website ( end of the month updates might take 2 days).

The Simacs paid nothing – not one thin dime -- on their property taxes until June 14, 2011. This means they were technically delinquent paying their taxes (50% of which was due by January 31st). That’s 4 ½ months delinquent on their taxes. The Treasurer’s office assessed a penalty of $99.62 of additional interest (which was paid according to the Treasurer’s office, although the website was not update to reflect this information. This also means that the Simacs forfeited their right to pay their property taxes on the installment plan. We'll check back after January 31, 2012 to see if the Simacs have paid 100% of their property taxes and play by the “household budget rules” that the GOP certainly expects them to follow. It’s only fair, don’t you think?

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